Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Please permit me some shameless self-promotion.  The work I have been called to do for God's Kingdom is being focused through the ministry I have organized called BRIDGEBUILDERS.

Our Mission

To help create churches that are healthy and fruitful, kingdom-focused, following the Holy Spirit to build redemptive relationships with people and communities to connect people with Jesus Christ and his mission.

How we do this …

·         By providing honest, biblically-based assessment of a church
·         Helping a church identify its unique mission and provide equipping for that mission
·         Coaching and consulting services for pastors and leaders
·         Helping design web sites and communication tools
·         Leading spiritual renewal events
Specialized training events

Part of the means for helping tell the story and grow this ministry is through the blogs I have developed.  More and more people ask how to connect and so I have developed a central blog called  This blog is the main way to contact regarding ministry assistance and it is also features key posts from the several ther blogs I write.  And of course, there is original content created just for this clearinghouse blog.

Please visit it.  GO NOW ...

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