Saturday, June 6, 2015


by Dr Steve Dunn

In our last issue we challenged you to rethink your church advertising.  Every church has a story to tell of what is up to in their church, and we need to get the story out into the community. Here are some suggestions.

1. Contact the News Director of your local television station. Ask them what kind of stories appeal to them and ways that you can alert them to a good story. (Clue: Human interest stories, unique forms of community service, “home town heroes” are high on their list.) Have the same conversation with the news director of the radio station and the features editor of the Newspaper.

2. An attractive and well-maintained web site is one of the best ways. But here’s the big rule. Design your web site with the unchurched in mind. Another big one: Keep the information current and always take down the things that are in the past.

3. Set up a Facebook Page. Have multiple administrators so that you can post a status more frequently. (Minimum: 5 posts per week.) Use it as an informative tool or one of encouragement. Leave your hard-sell evangelism off this media. Contain linkbacks to website as new items are added. Pictures are great. Promote the Facebook page in your bulletin, etc.

4. Random Acts of Kindness are always a great way connect with the community.

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