Friday, March 25, 2011


From Chris Walker, Evangelism Coach, comes this counsel ...

The last two posts (part I and part II) shared common practices on welcoming visitors to church.  Here I simply want to give 20 blunders I’ve seen churches make in greeting visitors to church.
badbreath2 Feel free to add your own in the mix (use the comments below).
1.  No One Said Hello.
2.  Bad breath.
3.  20 question doctrinal exam to make sure you are acceptable.
4.  Survey family history and marital status and background check.
5.  No follow-up contact.
6.  Stale snacks / donuts / cookies.
7.  Bad coffee.
8.  Too friendly – smothering and not respecting boundaries.
9.  Body odor.
10.  No eye contact.  Or eye contact and weak smile, but no hello.
11.  Apathy in making a greeting.  Whatever.
12.  Limp handshake and a weak hello.
13.  Too much enthusiasm.
14. “Is this your first time here?”
15.  Hugs to strangers.
7500916.  Swarming on visitors all at once, like flies on fresh meat.
17.  Unclean bathrooms.
18.  Unsafe Nursery.
19.  Thinking hospitality is evangelism.
20.  Rude staring at hairstyle, body piercings, or choice of clothes (See How Not to Welcome A Visitor about the Secret Dress Code).

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